Bowen Therapy - Why I learnt the Bowen Technique

My name is Kim and I run a Bowen Technique clinic from my clinic in Haddenham, near Ely and Cambridge. Let me explain why I believe Bowen Therapy is amazing.

I suffered with chronic back pain and was in agony for years .... until I tried Bowen.

I cracked a vertebrae in my lower back horse riding in 1996. The bone healed, but the muscles, nerves and tendons around the trauma tightened and kept me in constant pain. I had to apply local analgesia each night to the area before I could sleep.

I tried years of physio-therapy, deep tissue massage and medication with no success. Sound familiar?

Then I tried The Bowen Technique. After 3 half hour sessions my back was significantly better and after a couple of repeat visits over the next year the pain was completely gone!

I've now had two babies, without suffering from back pain!

I wanted to learn more about this amazing therapy the Bowen Technique. When you have had excrutiating chronic pain and then it has suddenly just gone, it is a life changing experience. I decided to become a Bowen Therapist. I underwent an initial year of training as well as an Anatomy and Physiology course and I am now a fully qualified Bowen Therapist working from Haddenham in Cambridgeshire. I also attend on at least two full days further training each year.

In addition to my initial training I have attended the following courses or hold the following certificates or professional memberships

The Bowen Association UK

The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

The Bowen Technique Practitioners Association

Specialised Bowen Procedures 1 Bowtech (advanced)

Specialised Bowen procedures 2 Bowtech(masters)

Smart Bowen Therapy Advanced Workshop

Tensignity the fascial lines

Chair of The Bowen Association UK 2014/2015

AGM Peterborough

AGM Nottingham

AGM Cambridge

AGM Harrogate

AGM and back pain show Olympia

Bowtech Practitioners course

Sports Bowen

Working with Neck Pain

AGM Birmingham

The Importance of Symmetry by Graham Pennington