Articles in the media about Bowen

Bear Gryll's Has a Bad Back

This article looks at how famous adventurer Bear Gryll's broke his back and after trying many 'conventional' rehabilitation techniques eventually tried Bowen therapy and has never look back.

Times Online

Information about Bowen in the Times

Telegraph - Benefits for Migraine Sufferers

About half way down the page a short piece about how migraine sufferers in a small study largely showed benefit from 3 Bowen treatments for their conditions.

Bowen Therapy for Horses!

Case studies for a clinic that successfully treats horses using Bowen.

Can Bowen Help Infertility? pdf

A Guardian newspaper article on the success rates of complimentary medicine including Bowen in treating infertility.

Does this really cure back pain – as well as asthma and migraine?

Worcester News article



Bowen Association Website UK

The official UK Bowen Association website.

Bowen Association Worldwide

Home of the original Bowen Technique. Based in Australia where it all started.

British Complementary Medicine Association

The BCMA's entry on the Bowen Technique

NHS Directory

NHS directory of complementary and alternative medicines entry on Bowen

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