Sciatica - Treatment, Symptoms and Causes of Sciatica

A huge number of people suffer from the condition commonly known as sciatica - a problem I have found that the the Bowen Technique is effective at treating. To get help and discuss your sciatica problem call Kim on 01954 204142 or email me at

What is Sciatica?A Bowen Technique Back Move

Sciatica is the general term for the pain involving sciatic nerves. This pain can be caused by irritation or pressure on the nerve often near the base of the spine. The sciatic nerves run all the way from the base of the spine to foot in each leg and as such any associated pain can vary in its location ranging from the lower back all the way down to the foot.

Symptoms of Sciatica

The symptoms vary depending on severity but from having a mild pain that comes or goes anywhere in from your buttocks to your feet to being in constant agony that effects your ability to walk and stand properly. It may be accompanied by a feeling of weakness in your legs and be worse on moving about.

Causes of Sciatica

The most common cause of sciatica in middle aged men and women is a herniated (slipped) disc. The change in position of the disc presses on the sciatic nerve and is the beginning of the pain.
It can also be caused by changes in the shape of the spinal cord which are more likely in older patients.
Temporary sciatica can be triggered by bad posture for example by sitting incorrectly for long periods of time.

Sciatica in Pregnancy

It is quite common for women to have sciatica in the later stages of pregnancy when the increasing baby size puts pressure on the nerve. After the baby Is born it is very likely that the sciatica will go away again.

Treatments for Sciatica

As with any health problems you have - if you are concerned please go see your doctor. If you are diagnosed with sciatica it is likely you will be prescribed pain killers and to take some rest. If the problem is temporary it may help relieve the pain whilst it simply goes away. However, it is quite common for the problem to recur. In extreme cases surgery can be prescribed for persistent, painful sciatica that has not responded to other treatments.

Bowen Treatment for Sciatica

The exact treatment of sciatica using through the Bowen Technique will depend upon what has triggered the sciatica attack. Many patients respond well after a single treatment and have substantial benefit after 2-3 sessions. Please give me a call asking for Kim on 01954 204142 and we can plan how to help get your sciatica problem better.