Upper back and shoulder pain

I would just like to congratulate you on this fabulous technique. I had tremendous upper back, shoulder, upper arm and elbow pain.

After spending a lot of money with a chiropractor I read about the Bowen Technique on a pamphlet at work. I visited one of your practitioners here in London. A little bit sceptical I must admit. In fact I nearly backed out.

First Treatment

I went for the first treatment and your therapist was that worried about me that she phoned me the next day to make sure I was OK. I asked if I should see her again that day or the next but she gently insisted I wait for a week.

Second Treatment

At my next visit I was able to honestly say that my pain had reduced considerably although I was still very uncomfortable. My second relaxing visit was completed and after a couple of days I was feeling even more relaxed and comfortable.

Third Treatment

My third visit was just as successful and I couldn’t believe that what the therapist had told me had come true. It did take the 2 – 3 sessions she had predicted but it’s amazing.

I am now sitting at work not squirming in pain and unable to find a comfortable position. I am back to my old self walking and running with ease. No more uncomfortable nights adjusting my position to try and sleep.

Thank you so much for this miraculous cure.

I will go back for a treatment every few weeks for a while until I return to Australia where I am determined to learn more about the technique and hopefully become a therapist.

Thank you to Bowen and a big thank you to Caroline Christine Cross

This testimonial has been taken from: Bowen Association UK Bowen News Autumn 2007 Issue 37