How Bowen Therapy Helped Me recover from Major Spinal Surgery

Before April 2007, I was unaware that the Original Bowen Technique existed.

What a difference it has now made to my quality of life.

Spinal Surgery

A few years ago I underwent major spinal surgery. Even after this I was rarely pain free. I was unable to sit or stand for long periods and I also had frequent back spasms.Because of this I was referred to another Orthopaedic surgeon. After undergoing a series of investigations including an MRI and CAT scan, I was informed that there was only a 50/50 chance of success if I had further back surgery. In fact I was told that I could be worse off than before and I may end up in a wheel chair. My life became even more restricted with the result that I was able to achieve less in my everyday life.

Bowen Therapy

Since beginning Bowen Therapy with Bertien Wiersma, there has been a marked improvement in my overall health and mobility. Two days after the first treatment the back spasms had ceased.

Over the next few weeks I was able to reduce my pain medication and my physical activity increased.There were other improvements as well.Due to an earlier injury, I had restricted movement in one arm. Now I have full movement and only occasional discomfort. Over a period of a few months one of my knees had become increasingly painful. I no longer have that pain.

Carpal Tunnel

A few years earlier I had had Bilateral Carpal Tunnel surgery. Later I had recurrent pain in one hand. With Bowen Therapy this has since ceased.

Bertien is an excellent practitioner of the Original Bowen Technique. She clearly explains the procedures she is about to perform and is very gentle and reassuring.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bowen therapy to anyone.

As a retired nurse, I am disappointed that this healing technique is not recommended more frequently by the medical fraternity in this country

Delaine McKennie

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

This testimonial has been taken from: Bowen Hands, The Journal of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Austrailia, September 2007 page 15