Treatment of Long Term Shoulder Pain - Cambridgeshire

Professional dancer and teacher Rebecca Feaviour was in agony with constant shoulder and back pain when she sought out Bowen Practitioner Kim Pearson.

"My name is Rebecca Feavior and I have been a Professional dancer for 18 years. I have had pain in my shoulder and lower back ever since I started dancing. I now teach dance and aerobic fitness classes.

I first came to see Kim last year after she told me how amazing Bowen was. My shoulder had become so painful that I found it difficult to raise it. My back was also in a lot of pain. This made teaching my classes very difficult.

After seeing Kim my shoulder pain had greatly improved and I was able to continue teaching my classes.

It was over a year before I saw Kim again but this time I had had to cancel some of my classes as the pain in my back was so back. I also had problems with my feft foot and my ankles.

Yet again I am better after having Bowen Technique treatments with Kim.

Thank you Kim"

Kim is available at Haddenham Monday - Friday 5.30pm - 8.30pm, Saturday 8.00am - 12.00pm Tel 01353 749429 or email

With help from Kim and the Bowen Technique Becky's aerobics are being held in Willingham, Monday 8pm, Wednesday 8.30pm, Friday and Saturday morning at 9.30am. Contact 01954 261127 or for more details.