Relief from Acute Lower Back Pain - Cambridgeshire

This account was written by a client who had a fairly severe back pain attack. I was initially able to relieve some of the pain and later on when he had recovered somewhat to do a full treatment.

"Kim asked me to write this for her Bowen Technique website and I was happy to oblige as a big thank you for the Bowen treatment she gave me. Without it I think I would still be propped up in the corner of the kitchen!

How did I hurt it?

I've always (even as a teenager) had a tendancy to suffer from the odd spasm in my back. Sometimes it just felt 'weak', but I've never had my back 'go' before. I was sat with the kids on the sofa watching tv. I guess I'd been there for a while slouching and putting stress on the muscles in my lower back.Part of the Bowen Back Moves

After a while I tried to get up and suddenly I had shooting pains in my lower back. That doesn't do them justice. I can't really describe the sensation, it wasn't an ache and the classic saying of stabbing isn't right either. The main thing is to say it meant that I had to immediately try and adjust my body so that the pain stopped, which resulted in my collapsing on the living room floor (by sliding off the sofa) and laying on my back. Even then I could feel my back spasming. I simply daren't move. I lay there for a while and carefully tried to roll over so as to get up without putting any strain on my back, but the pain struck there again. Of course, the children thought I was messing about and started to sit on me! A few, shall I say say, screams to my wife later and they stopped.

Couldn't move due to pain

I lay there for about an hour until eventually I was able to roll over and gently get up. Phew! It had gone, but my lower back felt so fragile, even walking was scary. After a while I went into the kitchen to make a drink when suddenly it went again, but this time I was stood up and didn't fancy collapsing onto the kitchen tiles. The only solution I could find for reducing the pain was by holding myself up in the corner on the kitchen work surfaces with my arms and taking the weight off my legs. Everytime I tried to stand on my own the pain returned. I was feeling a little depressed now. I know of a couple of people that have crippling back problems which just switched on. On minute fine the next in bed for months - life changing. My back felt so delicate that I thought I'd permanently damaged it.

Help me!

An urgent enquiry later and Kim came to have a look. To have a proper Bowen treatment one should be laying down and relaxed which was impossible in my situation so she said the best she could do for now was to put in some 'stoppers' - basic moves I think - around my hips and lower back to stop the spasms. She did this and amazingly after a few minutes I was able to rest my weight on my legs. I carefully walked into the living room and got sat down in a position that supported my back well. Although Kim was unable to treat me again for a couple of days my back, though feeling weak and aching, didn't spasm any more. I was treading on egg shells all weekend.

A Full Bowen Treatment

Two days later I was able to have a proper treatment. It lasted about an hour and despite feeling uncomfortable when I had to turn over was quite relaxing. The moves on the backs of my legs felt like a great release. They tingled for quite a while afterwards, in a good way, despite the 'Bowen move' being very subtle. In fact after the treatment I wanted to sleep under the warm towels. Kim helped me sit up and get off the treatment table. I was told that I had to drink plenty of water every day and walk as much as I could to aid the healing process. I can't say I felt immediately better, but could feel something going on in my legs and down my spine where the Bowen moves had been performed. I was also told to avoid hot baths or showers as this could relax the muscles and undo what had been done. A small price to pay if it worked.

Is My Back Better?

I felt quite achey for the next couple of days, but after a while I could feel strength returning to my lower back. It was such a relief! Any one with back pain will know what I mean when I that I felt able to do stuff again without the worry of it 'going again'. I had another treatment a week later and my back has been good since - this was nearly two years ago.

Would I Recommend Bowen - Yes!

So, would my back have got better on its own? Maybe, but I was so glad I had access to a Bowen therapist. I feel it genuinely helped me get out of a very painful situation and would definitely recommend anyone with back problems to try it."

A testimonal from another client who has recently been to see me If you suffer from lower back pain - please read this from a client that has recently been to see me. 'For 10 years I have been suffering lower back problems, including sciatica, which resulted in terrible spasms that at times left me so bad I was bed ridden for weeks. I have seen physiotherapists, chiropracters, oesteopaths, and GPs. None could fix the root of the problem. About a month ago my lower back went into catastrophic meltdown and was spasming so bad it left me in a paralysed state. A local physiotherapist said there was nothing she could do for me until the spasm stopped and pain levels went down and a GP just prescribed a bunch of pills which did nothing but give me the hives, That's when I found Kim Pearson who is a Bowen Therapist. After the first session and following the aftercare to the letter, the results were nothing short odf a miracle! My sciatic pain had gone, spasm had stopped, pain levels down by 75% and my mobility was up 80%. I have now completed 3 sessions of Bowen Therapy and I can't believe the results. I would like to recommend Kim for anyone who has had long term issues with their back or other parts of their body. Kim is super nice and really honest about advising you if Bowen is ideal for you. I can't speak highly enough about Kim and this little known type of therapy and if you haven't been seeing results with other mainstream types of treatment as was the case with me then Kim is your woman'