Relief from Knee Joint Pain Through Bowen Therapy

I treated this client for a mysterious knee injury and have asked him to describe the circumstances and symptoms which rapidly left him unable to walk properly. To get help and discuss your knee problems call Kim on 01954 204142 or email me at

How did it happen?

"I first noticed it soon after I woke up. My left knee was sore and I had pain in it when climbing stairs or indeed going down them. Age I thought, better keep taking those cod liver oil tablets! However, it got worse. I soon found that my knee felt OK when straight or in fact if I knelt down but the transition between the two resulted in a clicking sensation.

It Got WorsePart of the Bowen Knee Moves

Over the next few hours my knee started throbbing and I was eventually hobbling around keeping my left leg straight when walking. My left knee cap and surrounding area felt hot to touch and there was definite signs of the knee swelling. Eventually, I spoke to Kim about this. Due to the swelling she advised that I apply ice to the area (well a bag of peas wrapped in a tea towel) to reduce the inflammation keeping the leg immobilised to reduce the risk of any further injury. A few hours later once the swelling had gone down I was able to have a full Bowen treatment.

The Treatment

Initially, she did some work on my lower back, which seemed odd but then started to work on my legs. None of the moves hurt, even with my knee feeling pretty sore. After the treatment Kim advised me to drink water and walk as much as possible. A little dubious I gave it a go on my treadmill and was surprised that even though it felt a little sore I managed to walk for a mile with no knee problems.

Did it Work?

The next morning I woke up and despite having a dull ache in the front of both my knees I found I could walk up and downstairs without any clicking. The joint no longer felt hot to touch and the swelling did not return. I don't know what triggered the swollen knee but the Bowen helped enormously. I had a follow up treatment 10 days later and touch wood I haven't had a problem since."