Recovery from severe pain after a car accident

I was in a severe car accident almost ten years ago and was left with a lot of back and neck injuries. I was a motorcycle mechanic at the time and found myself unable to work for an extended period of time, due to the nature of my injuries. When I did return to work, I could only handle 15 hrs per week at the most.

Other Therapies Tried

So began my adventure into the world of therapies, beginning first with the usual referrals to physiotherapy and chiropractic from my doctors and specialists. After six of this with no results, I began to investigate other options. Some of these included acupuncture, Chinese herbalists, iridology, naturopaths and many, many more. In my case none of the avenues I tried go me relief from pain.

Doctors and specialists could not provide any answers or solutions for my chronic pain, but the general consensus was that nothing was going to fix my back and so I should just make the best of life with what I had, not exactly encouraging for a young 26 year old man with his whole life ahead of him. This whole experience lasting three and a half years was quite traumatic and I often had difficulty coping.

Did Bowen Work?

Finally I found Bowen Therapy and a man by the name of Dr Bill Maitland at Pomona Qld. From the first treatment there was substantial improvement and in just a few months I was completely healed.

Long Term Pain?

Four years on I had no recurrence of my injuries and I am extremely happy with my new found passion and profession as a Bowen practitioner. I find great enjoyment in assisting others to be free from their pain also some of their troubles make my past seem like a walk in the park.

Thank you so much Tom, Ossie and especially Dr Bill Maitland. You gave me my life back and opened a door to a whole new world.

Graig Ranson,
Hervey Bay QLD
This testimonial has been taken from: Bowen Hands. TheJournal of Bowen Therapy of Austrailia June 2006 p.g 26