Brief example ailments

The following case studies are examples of what Bowen Therapy can do for people with chronic pain. Of course no one can guarrantee that a Bowen treatment will work in the same way for everyone but it gives examples of real life cases that Kim has treated successfully using Bowen Therapy.

  •  Childhood Migraines. ' My son found the experience to be very relaxing. As it is non-invasiveand it has had such a positive impact on his life, with a significant reduction in frequency of migraines(from more than one a weekto less than one a month) and intensity of headaches. We would certainly recommend this as a treatment option for chiildren suffering with migraines.'      
  • Firstly a massive thank you for what you and your skills have done for me. I have now for the past 4 or 5 days been  virtually pain free. On a scale of zero to 100% my pain level is between 5 and 10%. This is the most comfortable I have been for weeks and can put up with it( I can even put my socks on without screaming!!). Don’t like to admit it to you though, but I have been pushing myself a bit after a couple of days of visiting you, to get on with all the jobs we have going on at the new house. The biggest was laying 600kg of turf!!I feel for now I am able to get on without the need to revisit you, and just wanted to say that after my last visit to you  


    I  did and do believe you, and what your method has to offer. ( you did make me feel really guilty when you looked me in the eye and said ‘you don’t believe me do you !!’) I could tell that came straight from the heart !!.Once again my most sincere thanks to you and maybe we will meet again the next time I require help.My very best regards to you. Andy

  • Andy had been suffering with sciatica for six months prior to having two Bowen treatments.

  • Mrs K has suffered from pain in her neck & shoulders, migraines, dizziness and sinus problems. After one treatment her sinuses began to clear. After a further three treatments her sinuses were totally unblocked, her dizziness had gone and felt much better than she has for years.
  • Mrs C had suffered from pain in her right shoulder for many years and was a light sleeper due to the pain. After one treatment the pain was much less and she began to sleep through the night. After two treatments the pain had completely gone.
  • Miss F suffered from immense pain in hip and leg and had poor posture following surgery on discs in her back. After only one treatment her pain had greatly reduced, she was much more flexible. After a further 2 treatments she had much more flexibility, posture was greatly improved and very little pain.
  • Mrs O. had spasms and pain in right foot. She was on the hospital waiting list to see a specialist. After only one Bowen treatment the pain had completely gone and she cancelled her hospital appointment.
  • I came to see Kim as a last resort really for a whole host of issues.

    The main problems were migraines and restless leg syndrome. Both were ongoing for about 15 years and the migraines becoming more frequent and severe.

    Kim made me feel very relaxed and explained everything she was doing. After my first treatment I had no migraine (normally 2 a week), the restless leg was greatly improved. I slept through the night for the first time in years and it seemed to lift a brain fog that I didn't realise I had. My clicking jaw was also better. As an added bonus Kim also treated my plantar fascitiis, so from not being able to go for walks due to the pain,  I am back to walking half an hour most days.

    After my second treatment I was quite weepy and had a headache for a few days. Once that was over I felt great.

    I have had quite a lot of stress recently, but have not had a migraine since. My sleep quality is greatly improved.

    Having Bowen has changed my daily lifestyle for the better and I have no longer take medication for these conditions.  I cannot recommend Kim and the Bowen technique highly enough. Thank you.