Back pain, knee pain or shoulder pain? Cambridge, Ely or Littleport UK?

Lower back pain or an old sports injury keeping you awake at night? If so The Bowen Therapy really could help you! My name is Kim and I run a clinic practicing the Bowen Technique in Littleport near Ely. Call me on 01353 860604 or email me at and lets discuss how to help you get better

DSC08939.jpgWhat is the Bowen Technique?

The Bowen Technique is a very gentle physical therapy. A Bowen therapy treatment consists of a series of extremely precise rolling moves over the muscles or tendons. The precision of the move is why Bowen can be both gentle and effective. Read more

Will the Bowen Technique Help me?

I’ve used the Bowen technique to treat a wide range of problems. The most common ones being back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica or knee pain but also non-muscular issues such as blocked sinuses. Read more

But I’ve had this problem for years!

Bowen therapy seems to have remarkable success in treating very long-term chronic pain. One client had even suffered for 20 years before seeing me. Read more

Who are you?

My name is Kim and I am a full-time mum and part-time Bowen Therapist! I chose to learn the Bowen Technique after suffering for years with agonizing back pain after breaking my back in a horse riding fall. The Bowen Technique was the ONLY thing that worked for my chronic lower back pain. Read more.

Is it safe?

Yes. It is very gentle and not painful at all. There are no violent twists, cracks or crunches and it is practiced on everyone from new born babies to the very elderly with great success.

Where are you?

Easy access from Cambridge and Ely in Haddenham but convenient for  Huntingdon, St Neots or Newmarket. View map

Will it cost a lot of money?

No. It really won’t. A single treatment costs £40 for betwwen 45 minutes and one hour and a full course will last 2 or 3 treatments for the vast majority of patients. Many clients feel significantly better after one treatment. Read more

How can I pay?

Each treatment can be paid for by cash or cheque.

But what if it doesn’t work?

It is true that like any ‘therapy’, be it alternative or conventional, a small percentage of people just don’t respond. At the very least I hope you will be able to spend an hour feeling calm, relaxed and just a little cared for

To book a treatment call Kim on 01353 860604